46 Years

We were the very first pressure washing company in Columbus Ohio.

3 Methods

Cold, Hot, or Steam – We clean it all without chemical. If your tired of getting the same promises and scams from other, why haven’t you called us? We give you what we say or you don’t pay!!!!!

We are not like other companies

We answer the phone
we don’t have cleaning contracts, because our cleaning last to long!
what is the process to hire mr. clean

You call, we talk and schedule, We come out and clean a sample for free, if you like what you see, you have us continue. If we do what we say we do,you pay us and we leave, as simple as that. You wont need to sign a yearly contract and we don’t have them, because our cleaning last for years!

Our Clean Promise

In Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Clean Pressure Washing shines as a pioneer, with 46 years of relentless pursuit for perfection in pressure washing. Weʼre not just experts; weʼre innovators, harnessing the might hot water, all the way to steam. Our promise is simple: to deliver a level of pressure washing that goes beyond the surface, ensuring every nook and cranny sparkles. We believe in a world where every corner can shine, and weʼve made it our mission to make that happen—one pressure wash at a time.

We were the very first pressure washing company in Columbus Ohio, 46 years of the best pressure washing without chemicals!

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