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Our Story

In 1978, Mr. Clean Pressure Washing blazed a trail across Columbus, Ohio as the first to harness the power of pressure washing. With dedication, weʼve grown to be the pros in fighting grime, using both hot and cold water, and even steam, to tackle every tough job. In no way will we join all the others that are cleaning with chemicals and the only reason other don’t pressure wash like us, is because they can’t figure out how to pressure wash.

For 46 years, weʼve made Columbus shine, cleaning everything from patios to rooftops!

We hand make all or our pressure washers, like this one to the left. Understand, when you are looking for someone to pressure wash or power wash as some people say, make sure that is what you’re getting, because most so-called companies are only using a pressure washer to spray chemicals, and that will destroy the surface you need cleaned.

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