Asbestos Roofing

We did this asbestos roof in 1991. It’s a side lap asbestos roof. When we first approached this customer, she thought we were trying to fool her, because she had her roof painted the prior year; it was black. If you look below, the second floor windows, everything is still black. We explained how it can’t be painted and that was why it all washed away. Anyhow, it took her a few months, but she decided to have us do our process to the asbestos roof.

This was our second multi-color job we ever did. When we finished, she was amazed. It actually made her cry, but of joy. She said even if it only last 5 or 6 years, she was happy. Well, it outlived her and it has been 33 years since we did it.

This is what the roof looks like 33 years after we completed it. The customer has passed away and it has been through a few other owners. We had explained that the colors would fade to more of an earth tone color and it did. I personally didn’t care for it when it was done, I thought it was too bright, but now it looks perfect.

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