Composite Decking

This is a composite decking with cedar handrails, look at how white the cedar is.

This is right after cleaning an area of the composite deck boards, you can see the transition from dirty to clean.

The composite decking looks just like it did 20 years ago when it was installed, I know this because we have cleaned it every year! The installer didn’t know how to mix the bundles of composite from one pack to the other’ thats why you can see different color boards.

If you look at the cedar furthest away in the photo you can see it’s beauty.

This deck wrapps all the way around this house.

This deck went on and on, around and entire house. We just wanted to show what the hand rail and composite decking looks like when finished. We have cleaned and sealed this deck for over 20 years, it was one of the very first composite decks around. Every year it looked like new and by using steam, the fresh cedar smell world come out every time.

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