Tile Roofing

This is a mess. Moss and fungus spores all over the tile, the fungus spores love to eat through a clay tile.

another really soiled area.

this is a photo of that soil area in the photo above this one. As you can see, this section is like new.

This is us pointing at a missing and broken tile.

Now this section has been cleaned at that missing tile has a new one installed.

This old rusty cover has holes in it, you can see one at the top. Who ever installed this cover had no clue what they were doing. They just took a piece of metal and bent it to fit over the pipes, but not to cover the roof tiles correct.

we hand made this one by making it the right size, then bend it correctly and roll it round with whats called an english wheel.

we made it from 16oz. copper and then aged it to fit the era of the roof.

We just pulled this one and installed ours. Look at all the damage from whoever installed the AC unit, this was just a cobbled up mess and the customer had a leak for over 20 years because of all of it. No worry, they no longer have a leak.

The tiles were all green behind the trees, the whole from was a filthy mess.

Here is the front, it is all clean now. That large rubber roof on top had shrunk over the last 30 years, so we went ahead and installed a new rubber roof.

We also found about 30 broken tiles, so we replaced all of them

Again this is filthy!

And this is ashame

Looks like we’re doing good!👍

This really looks like a new roof!

all the way around looks new!

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