Wooden Deck

This was a two tear deck and the homeowner was thinking about replacing it, he said it was about 30 years old and about at the end of it’s life cycle.

Once we cleaned this corner to show his how nice it actually was, he didn’t even hesitate, he said lets get it done.

We got him on the schedule and when he seen it was all heat and now soap, bleach/chemicals, he was amazed!

Once we got the stain and sealer on, it was just like new. The customer was so happy, he over paid with tips more than the job even cost. Just for the fun of it, we also cleaned the landscape timber at the bottom to highlight the deck. when we were rolling up at finish, the homeowner opened his garage and asked us if we would help him put an umbrella and furniture on the deck he bought the night before. They never even used the deck, other than to walk out of the kitchen and put something on a grill, now they grill and stay outside on the deck.

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