Asbestos Roof in Nantucket

This was on the island of Nantucket. It’s the Maria Mitchell Library from the 1800″s.

These tiles are almost 200 years old!

This is like night and day on the cleaning.

We carefully steam clean the asbestos slate tiles.

Just lookj at the sludge coming off the asbestos slate tiles. This is about 200 years of buildup.

It looks nothing like it did. It’s ready for the color coating. The ridges were made of copper and the stained look at the top is still some of the original color coating, The ridge was made of copper and it would release copper sulphate when it rained, which preserved the color on the top asbestos slates.

This asbestos slate roof turned out beautiful. It can now last another 200 years! The entire building was going under total restoration and we were the first company to go in and start working.

Here it is, after every company involved in the restoration was finished. Without bragging, I think the roof was the most amazing restoration done. It turned out beautiful. We took this photo off Google of the finish years later. You can also take a look at how it is now. The address is 2 Vestal St, Nantucket, MA 02554

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