Asbestos Roofing

This asbestos roof was in South Carolina.

This may look small, but that is a six foot person by the chimney on the left cleaning the asbestos slate tiles.

The back is done and dry, along with the top edge of the front.

This is really clean and we already have two triangular areas on the dormers with samples of color for the customer to pick from, he couldn’t decide on two different colors, that was why we did the samples.

Like always, this roof turned out perfect! While we were there, we noticed the chimneys needed painting. We went ahead and painted them at our own cost, just to make sure no one climbed on top of the roof. We always go out of our way to make every job turn out good and try to make sure they last. We also repaired over 50 broken asbestos slate tiles.

This last photo was taken as we were leaving the jobsite. The homeowner came out to the street and gave us a thumbs up for a perfect job.

This photo was taken 17 years after the completion of our restoration. It is starting to show a little wear, but still in great condition. In the last 17 years just about every surface has been redone on the home except the asbestos roof. We keep an eye on all of the roofs we restore across the USA.

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