Before During & After with repairs.

This roof had a lot of damage, people kept repairing it over the years without knowing what they were doing

As we came across the front, you can see the transition from filthy to new!

This is just beautiful, the roof is like new!

Someone had tried to glue this slate back and we had to unstick it. We wouldn’t have even noticed this slate, but there was a piece of metal sticking out of the bottom edge that brought it to our attention.

If you look close, half of the slate is still under the upper row and the part that is lifted is what was broke. someone took a piece of metal and glued it over the seam and then glued the broken slate to it. That was a lot of unnecessary work and it took ten times longer to do it wrong than the right way.

This valley was pitted and rusted through, water was leaking into the home.

This new valley is twice as wide and 16 ounces per foot pure copper. the leak is gone and the repair will last for hundreds of years.

The slates on left side of the valley is back in place.

This is the rear side of the home before we cleaned it.

This is the rear side after our cleaning, but before the new valley. We not only pressure wash, we are one of the best slate roof installers around!

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